Hitler and Stalin are two of the most famous psychopaths in modern history. Stalin killed 20 million of his own people. Hitler killed about half of that. So what type of person could possibly be worse than these monsters? The people who made it possible for them to come to power.

Without the money to back them, there would be no Hitlers or Stalins. Yeah, they would still exist, but they’d have no machine behind them to give them the spotlight they would need to rise to power. And once they were in power, they would have no money to build their war machine.

Many people believe that religion is the cause of most wars. Clearly we see religious hatred all around. The mass media makes sure no violence and hatred goes unnoticed. But these wars would not be able to get off the ground without massive loans to both sides. Without the funds to run a war, all this hatred would only break out in minor skirmishes that would fizzle out in short order. It takes millions to keep a war going. Millions on both sides.

The international bankers fund both sides to all wars. They alone are the reason millions of innocent people are slaughtered year after year. Human life is nothing to them. They are truly psychotic. If you want to know who the most evil people in the world are, just look at where the buck starts.