We’re all adults here. I’ll assume you know what the initials stand for. But what’s the other “C” word? CONSPIRACY.

And just how can I equate the word conspiracy with the highly charged N word? Let’s take a look at the purpose for these words.

The N word was used to denigrate a whole race of people. The word brings with it a whole package of ideas: shiftless, lazy, dumb. Just call someone that and a whole picture is formed in the mind of the listener. Likewise, the phrase “conspiracy theorist” brings up a package of images: tin-foil-hat-wearing, nut job, paranoid…

True, the N word is filled with a century of hate behind it. But the effect is the same. To simply use a word (or phrase) to put someone into a nice little pigeonhole. Label them and put them aside so you don’t have to actually look at them.

Years ago black comedians had the idea that using the N word over and over in their acts would desensitize the word. They were right. It did take the sting out for a lot of black folks. Of course, now the power is being put back into the word because we all have to be politically correct so we’re not labeled a racist. But the idea was and still is a good one. Anytime you make something taboo you give it power.

You also set up a curtain that will keep people from looking at the subject or person. Call someone a conspiracy theorist and you no longer have to concern yourself with having to look at the facts about conspiracies. Is it a conspiracy theory that all the major news outlets use that term for the same subjects — no matter how much proof is staring them in the face? All the major media outlets are owned by the big banks. And if you want to find some conspiracies, you don’t have to look very far from the world’s bankers.

I wrote a poem that says that those who call people conspiracy theorists, are the people that will make it possible for real conspiracies to succeed. Wouldn’t it be clever for a conspirator to make conspiracies taboo. Most people don’t want to be subjected to ridicule. It takes a bit of courage to tell your friends and family that you found out things are not what they say on TV or what they learned in school. So the whole subject never gets scrutinized by the average person.

It’s true, the N word is much more hurtful than the C word. But I think the latter is much more dangerous. If any of these conspiracies are true, then all of us become slaves. Period!

So I’ve taken a cue from those black comedians. I’m calling my project CONSPIRACY to shove the word right into the spotlight. And just remember, if anyone calls you a “C” word, ask them if they’ve ever picked up a history book. History is nothing but conspiracies. Are they so naive that they think for the first time in human history there are no conspiracies?

Neal Fox