After two and a half years creating the 17 songs, one hour and twenty five minute film, the main part of the project is done!

Now starts the hard part (for me). Marketing. How to get people to see/hear it. Here are the plans:

1. Do some private showings to friends and interested parties. As an all independent musician/filmmaker, you can imagine how much money I didn’t make while I was creating this project. Now I’ll need some help for step 2.

2. Do a crowd-funding campaign to get up the money for DVD/CD manufacture, film festival entries, music mastering, etc.

3. Enter the film into many film fests. Get it shown at Liberty Festivals and other Freedom related events.

4. Finish the art work and graphic novel that go along with the film.

5. If there’s enough interest, create the live show and hit the road (or stay put in a theater for a longer run.)

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