When I was in college back in the ’60s everyone thought that if we could only do away with borders we would end war. Sounds reasonable. We’d all be one big happy family. As John Lennon said, “Nothing to kill or die for…” Not so fast! Just who is going to be in charge of this One Big Beautiful Government? Maybe if some saints or a Messiah was to take the reigns you’d convince me that maybe this could work. But that’s not about to happen. In fact, there has been a major plan in action for decades (or centuries, depending on who you talk to) to turn the world into a One World Government. Supposedly to end war. I say “supposedly” because when you look into their actual goals and what they have in mind for you and me, it’s a far cry from world peace.

See, the vast majority of the population are good people. People who just want to be left alone to enjoy their life and leave you to enjoy yours. But then there’s this small percentage of really bad guys. Psychotic criminals who think nothing of killing millions of people. Babies, women, anyone. They are crazy and they want you dead or incapacitated. They are sick people. Please get this one point if you don’t get anything else… THEY AREN’T INCOMPETENT. THEY ARE EVIL! The depressions, wars, famines don’t just happen. It isn’t some bad planning that makes all the evil in the world. It’s PLANNED THAT WAY!

I know it’s a hard concept to believe. Mainly because you and I are not psychopathic criminals. We don’t think like they do. And some of these guys are pretty smart (crazy people come in all flavors.) What they have planned for us is hidden in plain view. It’s all there if you just take a deep breath and look for it. Start with the Club Of Rome. Move on to the U. N.’s Agenda 21. Look into the mass poisoning of all humans through radiation, fluoride, drugs (especially mind-altering psychiatric drugs) GMO foods, Chemtrails… The list goes on. chemtrails4

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to get something done in this world that most sane people already agree on? It’s only because it doesn’t fit with the plan. Left alone, sane people would work out sane solutions. If it’s crazy, somebody behind the scenes wants it to happen.

Now supposing these whackos were running the world. Wouldn’t they want to do away with borders? That way when they want to lock you up for your opinion, you’d have no place to run. No sanctuary. And as part of the plan, all your money would be electronic. So they can leave you penniless with the stroke of a computer key. And all those traffic light cameras? How about convincing you that you should have a chip implanted in your body – for medical reasons! Right. Does the phrase, 1984 mean anything?

So the next time you see some politicians trying to convince you we need a New World Order, or a World Bank, or maybe they want to do away with your country’s Constitution and replace it with the U. N.’s Constitution, know that you are looking at a plan to enslave or kill you.

Don’t take my word for it. The information has been out there for decades. You just need to be brave and open enough to look.