In America right now, Memorial Day 2015, the public is sitting back and getting teary-eyed about what a great country we live in. Yet not one of them is shocked to the point of lifting their hand and making a call to their Congressman. Congress is making huge treaties without the public’s consent. Congress and the press are telling them that they can’t know what big secret deals are being made with other countries. Deals that will affect their futures directly.

And they sit there and tear-up over how great this country is. Well, they just killed America.
When I wrote this song I thought we still had a chance. I now think we need to plow over the remains and start America 2.0. So sad. But that’s what you get when nobody cares.

Sorry if I sound so pessimistic. It just got to me as I was watching the dog and pony show at the White House. I’ll be better tomorrow.