SB 277 Passed the Assembly Floor Vote Thursday June 25, 2015

The politicians in California are trying to force you to drug your child with a cocktail of vaccines laced with all sorts of poisons. If you don’t comply, your child won’t be allowed a public school education. Sound like the America spoken of in the Bill of Rights? I don’t think so.

Their reasoning is that vaccines prevent diseases which will, in turn, prevent an epidemic from occurring. The administration (brought to you by Big Pharma) uses every kind of distorted propaganda they can to convince the public it’s for the good of the people. For example: The recent outbreak of measles. The mass media had a field day showing how selfish parents who didn’t immunize their kids caused this outbreak. What they didn’t put up in headlines was the fact that the measles outbreak was spread by the vaccinated children. Yes, it’s a known scientific fact that after you get vaccinated you are contagious for weeks or months (Natural News article) and that appears to have been the cause.

The vaccine issue is really a two pronged argument.

1. Do vaccines work. Are they safe?
2. Should a democratic republic be allowed to force people to take these drugs?

It starts with forced vaccinations. But that’s only the beginning.

It’s a very hot topic. The rise in autism alone should be headline news. Autism cases went from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 75! Read that again. That’s an epidemic if I ever saw one. And the rise is concurrent with the massive increase in vaccines given to newborns. If that doesn’t beg for an investigation nothing does.

And if we let this become law, where does it end? Is your body your temple? Or is it Big Pharma’s testing ground? (Better yet, “cash cow.”)

I tackled the vaccine issue in my documentary, “The CONSPIRACY Project.” Because it’s such a hot topic, I’ve taken that section of the documentary and put it on YouTube. It’s a song that relates a true story. A story that’s happening over and over.
Please watch video below and share. We need to get people demanding their rights not be turned over to the government or the drug industry.

Oh yeah. One other minor point. The drug companies rigged it so that you can’t sue them if your child is injured by a vaccine. That should tell you lots about who’s looking out for whom. They are so afraid of getting massive law suits that they actually got Congress to make them immune to being sued. Now that’s real immunity!


My Daughter Sleeps – From The CONSPIRACY Project.

“My Daughter Sleeps” on YouTube




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