How to brainwash a whole population. defines brainwash as: any method of controlled systematic indoctrination, especially one based on repetition or confusion. Sounds like something we're all subject to on a daily basis. TV, movies, internet, public education. The constant repetition of some "fact" leads us to unconsciously think it's true. We never think about where we get that information, just [...]

For Those Who Would Rather Watch…

I've written quite a bit about the CONSPIRACY Project, but here's a short video that I created for the crowd funding campaign. Although the campaign is over, it's a quick way to find out what the whole project is. So if you're pressed for time, or like your info in a video instead of reading [...]

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PHASE 1: The Documentary is DONE!

After two and a half years creating the 17 songs, one hour and twenty five minute film, the main part of the project is done! Now starts the hard part (for me). Marketing. How to get people to see/hear it. Here are the plans: 1. Do some private showings to friends and interested parties. As [...]

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What software did I use to create the CONSPIRACY Project?

I thought I’d give a little insight into what software I used to create the CONSPIRACY Project documentary. Since The CONSPIRACY Project is a “documentary in song,” much of the material is taken from headlines (still photos or screen shots) and YouTube news reports and interviews. That’s pretty straight ahead. Just download videos you need [...]

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How many files go into making a music video for The CONSPIRACY Project? TONS!

Here's a brief look at how many files went into the making of "Agenda 21" and "They're Lyin'", two of the songs from the CONSPIRACY Project. "They're Lyin'," in particular, took a long time. Lots of green screen and animation on that one. Took about four weeks to complete. You can see it before the [...]

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New Song Raises Important Issue

Since I released my song, “My Daughter Sleeps” I’ve been getting many emails from people who have or know of cases where they had a normal, healthy kid until hours or days after getting vaccinated. This topic is controversial to some people, but how smart do you have to be to know that injecting mercury [...]

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Who is More Evil Than Hitler and Stalin?

Hitler and Stalin are two of the most famous psychopaths in modern history. Stalin killed 20 million of his own people. Hitler killed about half of that. So what type of person could possibly be worse than these monsters? The people who made it possible for them to come to power. […]

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The Individual or the Group – Which Is Superior?

There is a philosophy out now that some very well meaning people are being fooled into thinking is good for humanity. It’s an old philosophy that has been proven to be very destructive of human rights, and yet is once again becoming popular. The rise in popularity, I feel, is due to the deliberate dumbing [...]

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