It doesn’t take a genius to see that something is very wrong in the world.
We have politicians that swear up and down that if you vote them in they’ll fix all our problems. But somehow the problems remain. No matter who you vote for – Democrat or Republican.

Then, if you’re adventurous enough, you might take a glance at all the problems with the official story about 9/11. If that doesn’t make your eyeballs spin in your head you might as well stop reading this.

There are many people who have decided to find out what’s really going on in the world. They’re known by many names – Truthers, Conspiracy Theorists, Patriots, Freedom Fighters. They are the brave souls who put their reputations on the line for the truth. They are the ones being ridiculed in the press. They are the ones we’ll have to thank for saving our freedoms. But their success is not guaranteed.

The Problem:
The Liberty Movement needs more people and we need them fast!
In today’s world, the average person just won’t read lengthy books or watch documentaries about disturbing subjects. They are already so overwhelmed by the political-economic trap that all they want to do when they get home from work is get drunk, get high and turn on the television.

So how do we reach these folks? How do we get them interested in their own freedom?

What is the CONSPIRACY Project?
Phase One of the project is a one-of-a-kind documentary. It uses film, art, music, and animation to present subjects in way the average person would enjoy watching.  It’s non-partisan. It doesn’t preach, doesn’t dictate what to believe. It simply presents facts, ideas and situations, in an entertaining format to get some vital information out to the public.

Viewers will disagree with some points and agree with others. But they will definitely not think about freedom the same way when it’s over. And that’s the point: Look, think, question—make up your own mind. Stay free.

I researched, filmed, animated and scored this film on my own dime.
That was the only way to ensure that the message remained intact and not get watered down by some controlling interests. Now I need your help to get THE CONSPIRACY PROJECT out to as many people as possible. And as fast as possible. Your support will help to ensure that freedom will stay alive and well in every part of the world.

— Neal Fox